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Top 8 Dịch vụ in 3D uy tín và chất lượng nhất Hà Nội

You are in need of a Hanoi 3D printing service to help with product simulation or design before mass production? 3D printing will be the best solution to help you create objects with many different materials such as solids, liquids or powders… Let Hanoi 3D printing services do that. Topbrands about to introduce below to help you realize your 3D designs and products in the most intuitive way!

1. VnTech 360 – 3D Electronics Joint Stock Company – Hanoi 3D Printing Service

3D VnTech is one Hanoi 3D printing service of 360 Electronics Joint Stock Company. Owning a modern 3D printer array of various types and high accuracy, 3D VnTech is ready to meet all your 3D printing services.

Technical staff 3D VnTech have high professional qualifications, most of them have long-term experience in the field of electronics, to ensure that they serve a variety of needs and support customers to access modern 3D printing technologies.

Prestigious Hanoi 3D printing service company VnTech
3D printing service company VnTech Hanoi

Contact Info

Address: No. 62, Lane 61 Pham Tuan Tai, Co Nhue 1 Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi

0868 306 306


2. 3D CUBE – Prestigious Hanoi 3D Printing Service

3D CUBE is known as the leading industrial 3D printer brand manufactured and assembled in Vietnam. Hanoi 3D printing service at 3D CUBE with high quality, ready to support 3D file processing for customers and quickly respond to customer needs.

The CUBE 3D printing device is optimally designed, made up of quality components and precision mechanically machined parts. From there, technical engineers will create beautiful and accurate 3D products to customers. Large format 3D printer system helps to meet all customer needs.

  3D CUBE – Hanoi 3D Printing Service
3D CUBE – Prestigious Hanoi 3D Printing Service

Contact Info

Address: No. 7, Adjacent to 5, Van Khe Urban Area, La Khe, Ha Dong, Hanoi

033 2260 999 | 086 8359 986


3. ViHoth – Hanoi 3D Printing Service

ViHoth proud to be the leading unit in the field of 3D design software, offering 3D simulation solutions and long experience. ViHoth specializes in providing 3D model printing services with the desire to offer plastic printed sample products that are both quality, fast and affordable.

3D printing service Hanoi ViHoth using 100% printing materials from Sindoh – a famous brand of natural origin and environmentally friendly. The staff at ViHoth are proficient in the application of 3D printing software integrated on Solidworks to make it easy to edit 3D printed samples before creating the final product.

Services provided by ViHoth

  • 3D printing of mechanical, industrial, zig design products
  • Print samples of medical and dental products…
  • Print samples according to the requested models
ViHoth – Hanoi 3D Printing Service

Contact Info

Address: ViHoth Tower, Lot B6-X3, My Dinh 1 Urban Area, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.

+84 | 24 | 3797.0256


4. 3D Thinking – Fast Hanoi 3D Printing Service

3D Thinking is a professional 3D printing service in Hanoi. The company can provide large format 3D printing with a large production capacity of 8,000 – 15,000 printing hours/month. A variety of modern machines are operated by a team of highly specialized technical staff. 3D Thinking is ready to meet customers’ 3D printing services from small to large samples, from small to large quantity orders…

Just contact, staff will advise you on a reasonable and quick quote. You will definitely be satisfied with the quality of the product you receive.

Thinking 3D printing service in Hanoi
Thinking Hanoi 3D printing service

Contact Info

Address: Room 212, 5-storey building, Cau Buu Apartment Complex, Phan Trong Tue, Thanh Tri, Hanoi

(+84) 0938 24 55 99


5. Smart Design Labs Co., Ltd

Smart Design Labs is a leading company providing equipment and services in the 3D technology industry in Vietnam. They provide a full range of high-precision 3D technology solutions with a team of professional, creative and foreign-trained technical staff.

Smart Design Labs provides 2 main 3D printing services: FDM 3D printing and SLA 3D printing. More than 300 printing hours/day, 24/7 printing capacity, you can save time and quickly get perfect quality 3D printed products.

In addition, you can choose 3D printing materials such as ABS, PLA, PEEK or RESIN… The experienced engineers at Smart Design Labs will enthusiastically advise and support to find the best solution. for your product. If you are looking for a Hanoi 3D printing service Don’t miss this unit!


  • 3D Scanner / 3D Scanner
  • 3D Printer/3D Printer
  • 3D printed plastic


  • 3D scanning service (3D scanning Service)
  • 3D Printing Service (3D Printing Service)
  • 3D/2D product quality control service
  • Design Checking Service
  • Rapid Prototyping Service
  • Reverse Engineering Service
  • Custom design service
  • Reverse engineering/3D design training service
  Smart Design Labs Co., Ltd - Hanoi 3d printing service
Smart Design Labs Co., Ltd

Contact Info

Address: No. 86, Le Trong Tan, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi

024 7300 7070


6. 3DP Vietnam – Hanoi 3D Printing Service

3DP Vietnam is the first professional 3D printing unit in Hanoi. Scale of the printing workshop with more than 100 3D printers of 2 main printing technologies: SLA (liquid printing, resin printing) and FDM printing (plastic filament printing).

With a solid foundation of human resources and facilities, 3DP VIETNAM is confident to be able to best deal with the requirements of Hanoi 3D printing service set by the customer.

Services at 3DP Vietnam

  • Scan 3D: help zoom, zoom, edit to create a new template based on an existing template.
  • Build 3D files from photos and/or 2D drawings: customers only need to sketch ideas on paper or send reference photos for the model they want to create 3D files, we will take care of the rest.
  • Process medical data into 3D models: convert CT scan files, MRI scans into 3D format so that you can print out real models at 1:1 scale
3DP Vietnam – Hanoi 3D Printing Service
3DP Vietnam

Contact Info

Address: 200 Quang Trung, Ha Dong, Hanoi



7. Vietnam CAD/CAM Technology Co., Ltd – Professional Hanoi 3D Printing Service

Digitization Center is a reputable unit specializing in providing Hanoi 3D printing service, inheriting technology and human resources from CAD/CAM Technology Co., Ltd.

Possessing a number of modern equipment such as Builder 3D printer with FDM technology; Geomagic processing software; Kreon, Smarttech 3D scanners. Digitization Center committed to bring professional 3D printing services, the best quality according to the design and requirements of customers.

The products that we create are guaranteed to be according to the design, saving costs and time, and will bring the best results to customers.

Services offered by the Digitization center

  • 3D scanning includes: sample scanning and point cloud processing by software such as Geomagic, Catia.
  • Draw, peel off 2D, 3D drawings with copyright Catia, or Topsolid software.
  • Mold design (pressure die casting, single punching mold, continuous punching mold …)
  • Providing design solutions in the engineering industry such as: Kreon 3D scanners, Smarttech.
  • Design software Geomagic, Catia, Topsolid.
  • Print 3D plastic models.
CAD/CAM Vietnam Technology Co., Ltd - Hanoi Professional 3D Printing Service
CAD/CAM Vietnam Technology Co., Ltd – Hanoi 3D Printing Service

Contact Info

Address: B11-05A, Vinhomes Gardenia Urban Area, Ham Nghi Street, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

0918 520 533 | 024 3773 0826


8. Scantech Vietnam Joint Stock Company – Hanoi Top 3D Printing Service

Scantech Vietnam is one of the leading companies in the field of technology equipment, 3D data digitization (3D Scanning), rapid prototyping (3D Printer).

The company is the owner of the world’s leading 3D printer line. The US 3D model printing system with an accuracy of up to 16μ is used to create products according to customer requirements.

Besides, the printer is not limited to style, color or material. Allows printing or prototyping any object with 7 3D printing methods and hundreds of different printing material properties. The level of accuracy to 100% and the fast speed will completely satisfy you. Therefore, Topbrands believe Hanoi 3D printing service This will not disappoint you.

Products and services at Scantech Vietnam

  • Provide 3D technology equipment and comprehensive 3D solution package
  • Providing 4.0 technology solutions including 3D scanners, 3D printers, large format 3D printers.
  • Provide services on 3D Scan 3D Printing & Reverse Design
  • 3D Scan service (3D digitization) is not limited to size, design, material, allowing scanning of any object with the 3D scanner system of Germany and Europe: JEISS, ZF, ARTEC 3D…
  • High precision mechanical 3D sample scanning service up to (0.0018 mm). The details of mechanical molds, guns, phones, motorcycles, electric bicycles…, plastic and metal parts… with the 3D scanner system of JEISS – Germany.
  • 3D scanning service of large mechanical equipment systems, factories, production workshops, hydroelectricity, aircraft, automobiles, oil and gas, ships … for testing, assembly, defect control, create production molds…
Scantech Vietnam Joint Stock Company - Hanoi 3D Printing Service
Scantech Vietnam Joint Stock Company

Contact Info

Address: No. 38, Lane 21, Truong Cong Giai Street, Cau Giay District, City. Hanoi

(84.24) 3.8398661 | (84) 0912469168 | (84) 0904985139


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